Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Bonoo Boonoo Education Center S2, 2012

The programme is to design an Education Centre in 
Bald Rock/ Boonoo Boonoo
Site located 29.0417 degrees South, 152. 0213 degrees East; 832 Metres AMSL

The Facility houses a live-in program to accommodate 32 university studetns/researchers plus 2 teachers/supervisors. Their research is directed towards developing new and sustainable building technologies and building/architectural solutions appropriate to a specific environment. The educational focus of the centre is to study the impact climate, hydrology and geomorphology on new building technologies and patterns of habitation. 

Perspective of proposed design on Boonoo Boonoo site.

There consists of three buildings. Each occupy a different function, residential space of the live-in caretaker, the main space of the event area, dining and living; with the second private space of the accommodation. 
All elements is connected by a main deck that extrudes out into the site towards the Boonoo Boonoo River.

Panel 1 - 1:500 site plan showing roof plan, 1:200 floor plan with sections and elevations

Planning of services and 1:20 detail sections of accommodation space and dining hall space. 

Three dimensional rendering of event space.

Three dimensional rendering of main deck. A circulation space connecting all three buildings together.

Physical Model 

Deck of event space

View from gulley further towards North

Roof planning of design

Main deck

View of vegetation space between buildings

Detail Model Photographs

Bedroom space

Sectional model of bedroom and corridor

Detail section of bedroom facade. There is steel framing for timber swing openings and timber louvers for natural ventilation.

Front view of bedroom facade. 

Bondi Apartments S1, 2012

The brief is to design a mixed use development on the site with commercial premises below and apartments above. The site takes in 2 existing buildings, one a 1930s mixed use building and the second an existing house located on the corner of Wairoa and Hastings Parade.

Perspective of proposed design. 

Influences to design was the linearity design of Frank Lloyd Wright. 

The concept was of the central circulation found at the peak of the slope in Bondi. 

An analysis of the surrounding context and how this has influenced in the design.

Plans and section

Plans and sections

Elevations and section

Detail drawing through central circulation and materiality pallet.

Living space of one apartment

Entry to lobby space of apartment 

Restaurant below apartment courtyard

Apartment courtyard above commercial space

Matraville Library S2, 2011

For this semester, the requirement is to design a library and an amphitheater within a space of Matraville City. 
The area consists of many historical buildings with the back of the RSL building facing the site. The analysis of the site allowed a further understanding of how the building is located within the designated site. 

The mapping diagrams that have influenced the making of the design. The top left diagram shows the possible routes of access to the site. It includes walking distances, transportation and alternate routes to the site.

The second map outlines the negative spaces of the context. It shows an understanding of how dissipated the surrounding buildings are. Ultimately indicates the desired views for the reading space. 

The large map on the right is of the proposed design. It contributes to the context and themes that have been explored. The map shows the usage of the buildings where dark grey illustrates commercial usage with the lighter grey residential. 

As a result, the studies allows an understanding of who the main users are. 

Diagrams explaining the design in relation to the mappings. (1) The negative space on the site used as landscaping (2) A diagram of an access route from one end to the other (3) The structural form of the design where each type of structure consists of a specific function. 

The main building on ground floor occupy services that consists of noise such as the information desk, cafe and computer rooms. Externally there is another cafe for the general public. There is its own sitting space and the amphitheater excavated into the ground and a children's play area defined by the landscape trees.

On the first floor there is the office located above the entry and void. The floor also consists of an audio room, a small indigenous library and a children's library.

Up towards the second floor, there consist of the main library and reading space which looks beyond the landscape through the RSL greenery.  

Sections and Elevations
There are four sections to which each tells a different story. 
(1) Section is cutting through the cafe facing East. 
(2) Same section but cut more towards the East end.
(3) The section have been cut through the center of the site through the amphitheater facing North. There is the floating box which is supported by columns and how this character is then translated along the site by the use of the trees. 
(4) Again, taken at the same place as the previous but taken back into the main building. The section shows how the transition of the increase in levels is connected. 

Elevation 1 - The back of the site at East. Indicating the materiality of the floating box and how it angles towards the landscape.
Elevation 2- Further indicating how the three elements connects to one another. 

Selected Room - Materiality of main reading area

Cross Section
A perspective cross section of the main reading area and how it connects to its surrounding functions.

Section Reading - Materiality of main reading space. 

Sketch perspectives of most interesting space - The void of the entry space.
Due to the high void, this space can view all three levels of the building and its relationship externally. The two perspectives of the window looking out into the courtyard can be viewed from the same entry space. The window looking out into the courtyard also occupies a sitting space for parents to monitor their children out in the play area located directly on the opposite side of the window. 

Three dimensional renderings 

Physical model 

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Project 3 Drawings

Site Plan
Underground Floor Plan

Ground Floor Plan

First Floor Plan

Second Floor Plan

Sections A1 and A2

Sections B1 and B2

Perspective images

Submission Model Photographs

1:100 Model - Street and adjacent buildings

View from Victoria Street

Perspective view of proposed building and adjacent buildings

Sectional View of House 2 and gallery space

View of building from cliff face

Aerial view of model

1:50 Sectional Model - Qualitiy of light, furniture and display of an art object

Sectional View of proposed building

Spaces facing Victoria Street

Space above: House 1 - Art collector

Space below: Gallery space (Public)

Element behind:

Underground level - storage space

Ground - Gallery office

First - Smaller gallery space

Second - Reading room

Spaces facing city view

Space below: House 2 -Journalist

Space above: House 1

Element behind:

Underground level - Laundry area and private outdoor space

Ground level - Private outdoor space for House 1 and reading room for House 2

First level - Bedroom of House 2

Living space and living area of house 2

View from Victoria Street

Entrance to gallery and dwellings

Aerial view of sectional model